The Bucket List Of Things To Do Before I Die

The Bucket List Of Things To Do Before I Die

I do not know how long I will be able to live for but what I know is before I die, there are few things I would like to accomplish. Some may seem impossible as it will need lots of work but as Mandela said, It is impossible until someone does it so I am willing to accomplish all!
So without wasting anyone’s time, here is my list:
1. Table Mountain, South Africa
2. Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe
3. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
4. Riding safari, Kenya
5. Nxia Pan National Park, Botswana
6. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
7. Lake Malawi, Malawi
8. Lagos, Nigeria
9. Visit Pompeii, Italy.
10. Eiffel Tower, France
11. Spain (Malaga, Madrid).
12. Stockholme, Sweden.
13.Prague, Czech Republic
14. San Marino
15. Cork, Ireland
16. Helsinki, Finland
17. Budapest, Hungary
18. Lisbon, Portugal
19. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
19. Ghent, Belgium
20. Bucharest, Romania
21. Ljubljana, Slovenia
22. Krakow, Poland
23. Greece
24. Prestatyn, Wales
25. Glasgow, Scotland
26. Belfast, Northern Ireland
27. Dubai, UAE
28. Tokyo, Japan.
28. Hong Kong
29. India (Mumbai)
30. Beijing, China
31. Touching a Kangaroo in Australia.
32. Visiting New Zealand.
33. Road trip from Melbourne to Cairns
North and South America:
34. Visit New York, USA.
35. Visit Toronto, Canada.
36. Heli-Ski Alaska, USA.
37. Visit Hall of Fame in USA.
38. Visit Mexico.
39. Trip to Cuba.
40. Visit Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Other things I would like to do
41. Own my own business.
42. Learn to speak fluently at least 1 language more.(I already speak 3 languages fluently)
43. Volunteer in a foreign continent, preferably Africa or Asia.
44. Make a hit song for someone or with someone.
45. Raise at least 1000£ to charity.
46. Buy Alfa Romeo as my first car.
47. Learn to dance tango and salsa.
48. Weigh more than 75 kilos (with muscles).
49. Learn to play tennis and understand the rules.
50. Sky diving.
51. Be a good chef.
52. Create my own app.
53. Build a website for a popular company.
54. Get as many certificates about computing as i can.
55. Finish University with a first class or a 2:1.
56. Fall in love.
57. Adopt at least 2 children from all around the world.
58. Start a business for my mum.
59. Design my own house.
60. Get married.
61. Learn to swim.
62. Stop my addiction!


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