How to Contact Influencers Who Can Support Your Work

How to Contact Influencers Who Can Support Your Work

The top Industry Influencers have influence over millions of people. Whether you believe everything they say or not, they are calling shots and leading the masses with their minds.

They see things that others cannot, they do things that others will not, and they have what it takes to lead and succeed.

Here are a few ways you can contact influencers who can support your work.

Step 1: Find Influencers

You never want to solicit an influencer. No stalking, no soliciting of any kind, no spamming, none of that. You want to learn as much as you can about them from a distance.

Search and research an influencer. Not sure where to find an influencer? Just do a Google, Yahoo, or Bing search. Make sure you know which influencers you want to know about, connect with and follow.

How about connecting with an influencer yourself. Do not use a PR agency or someone else to engage with an influencer.  They want to know you the person.  Sharing your thoughts and concerns lets the influencer know you are committed to the cause or service.

Follow them on social media. Make a meaningful and sincere comment on one of their blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter accounts. Twitter works fast.  Writing a review of successful people’s book(s) also works because they will know you are serious about building a relationship with them.

Step 2: Engage Influencers

Take the needed time to follow and really understand what it is they do and believe in.  If it is something that you believe as well tweet about it and post it with your followers. 

In due time, try to connect with that influencer and ask if he/she would be so gracious as to share their knowledge and experience on your podcast show or otherwise with you and your community.

Pick an influencer’s brain.

When you have maybe made contact with an influencer ask a question or two about a new idea or service you have. 

Asking them for their expert advice lets them know you believe in what they say and it could be in a closer, better relationship with them.

Congratulate an influencer.

Send a congratulatory note (perhaps even handwritten) about an award, accomplishment, speech, or article the influencer has been recognized for. 

Recognizing an influencer for their achievements lets them see that they are inspiring others and that you are genuinely interested in them and what they are doing.

Write an article or blog about an influencer.

When you write a positive and meaningful piece about an expert influencer who has influenced you, you are showing just how much you believe in their ideas.

You are recognizing the benefit and value they are bringing to others. Share the article or blog with the successful people (influencer) so they will know what you have done.

Share a tidbit an influencer does not know.

Let them in on a small tip that has helped you immensely.  A great industry influencer always wants to know what is hot and they want to know from you.  Pass something great and meaningful to them first.

Talk to an influencer after an engagement.

Whether it is a seminar or conference, find an opportunity to go up to them and introduce yourself. 

Be as genuine and engaging as you naturally can be without being awkward or weird.  Tell them you have been following them and share the same thoughts and ideas as they do.

Maintain a productive relationship.

Once you get to know an influencer, you still need to keep a productive and proactive relationship in following them. 

You still need to follow what they are doing, you still need to connect and comment on their blogs or pages as they are ever-evolving and changing.

Read and review an influencer’s book.

When you read and write a review about an influencer’s book, they will know you are serious about building a relationship with them. Your reviews must be thought-provoking and sincere.

So if you have to reread the book do it. You want a clear concise review that your followers will want to read the book and engage with that influencer as well.

Connect with an influencer’s charity or social cause.

If the influencer has a charity or supports other charities and social causes then you should do the same. Let them know that you want to help, donate and influence positive change.

Find writers or bloggers who follow influencers.

There are people out there who constantly follow and listen to everything top influencers do.  They know the ends and outs and what is going on all the time. Now you can follow them to follow the influencer.

Refer someone to an influencer, whether it is your followers, family or friends.

Who doesn’t want business?  Sending potential customers and clients an influencer’s way will let them know you respect and admire them and their products, expertise and knowledge.  In the end, the favor could be returned.

Step 3: Let Influencers Know You

Provide a free service to an influencer. Submit a fresh and innovative idea that they can really use. Maybe you see something that can be improved upon or changed to make content better or a product more user-friendly.

You could send it via e-mail, but they get bombarded with many e-mails, so make sure your subject line stands out and projects that this e-mail needs to be opened, not deleted.

However, a handwritten letter would really get their attention and show that you took the time to write out your thoughts.

Invite the influencer to a special event.

Having similar like-minded influencers together in the same room is genius. Whether it is a dinner party or a private networking event get the influencers there because they want to be seen and meet with other top influencers. 

Mingling and talking at this type of event really gets their juices flowing.

Do a trade show to reach influencers.

Set up a magnificent and engaging booth.  Get the people to really want to know what you have to offer. 

Create the buzz that will get those industry expert influencers to want to see what all the hype is about.

Become an influencer yourself.

Why not? You have to let other powerful influencers know you exist. Create content on social media that will spark others to follow and listen to what you have to say. 

Once again, stay true to yourself and add content to your website, blog, Facebook page or whatever social media you have that is valuable, engaging and worthwhile.

Start your own trend.

Influencers will see that you have your own style and not just follow the norm.  Do something that is unorthodox, but not totally crazy.  Something that is fresh, but captivating.

Be a delightful and positive influence to others; bring hope and inspiration to others. If people know about you and who you are and what you bring to the table, then the top influencers may get a whiff of what you are doing or saying.

Industry Influencers and successful people are the same as  you and me

We are all from the human race, they just do and see things differently than most others. They are not afraid to take that leap of faith, to stand out on that wispy limb alone, to create what others never thought about. 

As Sir Richard Branson says, “Do what you love, and have a sofa in the kitchen.”

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